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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Love everyone, hate no one ♥Female/United States Group :iconkawaii-kollectors: Kawaii-Kollectors
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Love everyone, hate no one ♥
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Zodiac sign
has a great sense of humour. soft voice. strong willed and stubborn. kind. fair. stunning appearance. doesn't talk much about feelings. adventurous. neither angry nor up to a fight 24/7. dreams of starting a family. gets along with people. never insults or hurts others on purpose. is actually quite sensitive.

can be very soft, emotional. sometimes doubt themselves. feel unwanted, unloved. they are without a doubt strong people but sometimes they just need someone to make them feel alright again. cry over people who hurt them in the past sometimes. never really forget what others did to them.

they love so much. sometimes they find themselves in inner conflicts. they can rage like a storm and then be calm like the sea on a day in april. but in april the weather changes so fast and so do they. leave them alone when they're angry. when they show you they want to talk about it, be there for them. they need a lot of space for themselves but that doesn't mean you get the same space for yourself. they can be jealous if you flirt with someone else. they're a little possesive. if they love you, they would conquer the world and make it yours. they decide. if they want you, they want you right now. some aries are not as flirty as others. but they will let you know what they feel for you, open your eyes.

Well to sum it all up, I am a young, imaginative artist who loves to draw.
My favorite animals include: Horses, Cats, Canines, Deer, and Bears.
And I am very friendly. :aww:

I live in Texas. :heart:

I am agnostic. meaning I do believe there is an afterlife of some sorts, but I really don't believe in an all powerful being. I believe that if there is any force that spiritually dictates our lives, its the overall energy and fate of the entire universe working as one, not so much a God.

My Fa account:
- Emma-Vixen

Sheezyart account:


Personal quotes:

"No two drawing styles are the same. Therefore, one is never better than the other. The only differences are the people and the experiences they've had."

"Just because you don't like something doesn't make you a hater, it makes you someone with a different opinion."

"Judge a man not by the color of his skin, the condition of his clothes, where he comes from, or what he fancies. Judge him instead by the actions of his heart."

"It's always hard losing a family member, whether they have four legs or two.
It just means that you have one more guardian angel to watch over you."

"Never dwell on the negative side of things, otherwise you'll never be happy.

"Just because I laugh a lot,
doesn't mean my life is easy.

Just because I have a smile on my face,
doesn't mean I'm not hurting..

I just choose to move on,
and not dwell on all the negatives in my life.

Every new moment gives me the chance
to become a better person.

I choose to do that,
I choose to be happy!"


requests: just ask me c: I don't bite ::CURRENTLY CLOSED::

commisions n such are closed forever!!

trades: just ask me c: I don't bite ::CURRENTLY CLOSED::


Oh, you don't like me? Hold on a sec *Loading*
█ Attempting to give a shit
██ {ERROR}
█████ Failed


Adorableness by Emma-Vixen
Couldn't help it... he's just too adorable not to draw cx

Kion © Disney
Art © me, Emma-Vixen

Please do not use or redistribute.
They put me on a heart monitor for two weeks
::EDIT:: I borrowed my dad's heart monitor/blood pressure thing, and my heart is definitely stopping or skipping a beat when it does the thing... still going to the cardiologist to find out why it's happening. ::END EDIT::

Going to a cardiologist Monday to figure out exactly whats going on..
gonna try to get an appointment with the doctor tomorrow..
having very frequent heart palpitations and it's starting to worrying me..

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