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Love everyone, hate no one ♥
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Well to sum it all up, I am a young, imaginative artist who loves to draw.
My favorite animals include: Horses, Cats, Canines, Deer, and Bears.
And I am very friendly. :aww:

I live in Texas. :heart:

I am agnostic. meaning I do believe there is an afterlife of some sorts, but I really don't believe in an all powerful being. I believe that if there is any force that spiritually dictates our lives, its the overall energy and fate of the entire universe working as one, not so much a God.

My Fa accounts:
- (SL only) (will not give this information out willingly)
- Emma-Vixen

Sheezyart account:

Oh, you don't like me? Hold on a sec *Loading*
█ Attempting to give a shit
██ {ERROR}
█████ Failed

"AWW Boosh-it! >:U "


Personal quotes:

"No two drawing styles are the same. Therefore, one is never better than the other. The only differences are the people and the experiences they've had."

"Just because you don't like something doesn't make you a hater, it makes you someone with a different opinion."

"Judge a man not by the color of his skin, the condition of his clothes, where he comes from, or what he fancies. Judge him instead by the actions of his heart."

"It's always hard losing a family member, whether they have four legs or two.
It just means that you have one more guardian angel to watch over you."

"Never dwell on the negative side of things, otherwise you'll never be happy.

"Just because I laugh a lot,
doesn't mean my life is easy.

Just because I have a smile on my face,
doesn't mean I'm not hurting..

I just choose to move on,
and not dwell on all the negatives in my life.

Every new moment gives me the chance
to become a better person.

I choose to do that,
I choose to be happy!"


requests: just ask me c: I don't bite ::CURRENTLY CLOSED::

commisions n such are closed forever!!

trades: just ask me c: I don't bite ::CURRENTLY CLOSED::
Ok, I just want to update you all on what has been going on while i've been away.

During late November/Early December, four of our dogs went missing. Molly, Maggie, Rufus (A.K.A. Brown-Face), and Sam. I say missing because no one in the area has seen any sign of them since they up and disappeared one night. We still haven't heard anything from our friends and neighbors, but we've begun to suspect that there is some foul play going on in the town. A friend of ours down the road had reported her dog going missing too, and my Gunner Pretty Boy by Emma-Vixen... This is what my baby looks like now Img 20150121 170106 by Emma-Vixen (yes he's in a trailer, and yes i clean it out every single day and let him out for a while).  The vet suspects that he either got shot or ran into something. He still has his eye, but will never be able to see out of it ever again. I've been taking extra good care of him, making sure he's happy and comfy, even though it's getting difficult for me to do. which lead me to the next update.

Since mid December, i've been experiencing excruciating back pains that are keeping me from moving the way i use to. I'm just about in tears whenever i have to move, it's that bad. Tomorrow i'm hoping to get on the path of getting that fixed by going to see a chiropractor. The only reason i didn't get an appointment sooner, is that i've had to get my college stuff tended to first. speaking of, today was my first day of my second semester. I'm hoping that all goes well and i'll actually pass this time..

I hope all is going well for y'all!


hi everyone! i hope you've all been well during my absence.

I would like to start off with saying that I'm coming back in full, but that really isn't the case... my dA will still be limited, and I'm sad to say that I won't be uploading artwork for a good while. I am back, i'm here, and i can talk to y'all, comment on your amazing artworks, add art to my favorites, etc. but i cant upload art for a while.

I can't upload art because while i've been gone, i've come to resent drawing.. you heard it. I've begun to resent drawing. The reason for that being that i've become an art factory in my mothers eyes. just this morning she came in and woke me up saying that we won't go get the things i need until i get divider pages for her friends cook book drawn up and printed. she's constantly on my back about it and i've found myself trying to lock myself in my room so i can get a moments peace before the semester starts. I use to love art and drawing and creating for everyone, but now i've started hating it. i really don't even want to pick up my pen anymore... this is all something i never thought would happen. i use to love it with every fiber of my soul, but not anymore..

as i said, my dA will be limited, so i will explain more to you all next time..

I love you all so much and i'm just so so so so sorry...

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